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ProShow Jiffy Frame Styles

Summer is when you’re out and about, not building shows, but taking photos for when the weather turns cool, which is when you starting thinking about shows. My mind hasn’t been on shows either, as you’ve likely noticed, but here’s … Continue reading

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Riveted for ProShow Producer

Six weeks ago, I was about to post Riveted when, as you all know, things went swiftly downhill, but life is (finally!) back to being good. The two simple-to-use styles in Riveted will work in Producer 4, 5, and 6, … Continue reading

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Renewing with ProShow Styles

Last week, a customer asked for help with “Vignetting Frames,” and I realized it would be so much easier for her if she could use setup slide styles. I ended up overhauling the set for her, but I was on … Continue reading

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Partying at The Locker & Zazzle

There’s been a temporary slowdown while building the COLORwash store at Zazzle, but it’s long past time I paid attention to The Locker. Here’s a small set of styles designed specifically to create a party atmosphere. Party Time:   As … Continue reading

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On the Beach with ProShow Producer

Even if you aren’t planning a vacation at the beach, chances are your photo album has more than enough shoreline pictures to fill several shows. Make those memories come back alive with On the Beach for an entire show or … Continue reading

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A very old freebie renewed

When I overhauled my web site, things got lost in the shuffle, and one of those things was the very popular free set of revised Page Peels. I discovered them this morning while wandering through my hard drive and thought, … Continue reading

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ProShow Journeys Past & Present

The huge maple tree outside my window is a study in black and white–mostly white, given that we’re having a snowstorm. What an odd time to be introducing Road Trip, but one can dream, can’t one? This is a do-it-all … Continue reading

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Vellum Valentine transformed into slide styles

Back when “Vellum Valentine” was created, slide styles weren’t even a twinkle in Photodex’s eye, so you might say the design set was a tad overdue for being brought into the modern era. Now, instead of everything having to be … Continue reading

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“Heart of Mine” newly revised in time for Feb. 14

The Heart of Mine kit has been at The Frame Locker long enough that it was born before slide styles. Looking at it some days ago, I thought it could use a few easy setup styles, and we all know … Continue reading

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“Motif” slide styles & “Edged in Lace” for titles

With a combination of 16 slide styles and 13 Motif designs, you’ll can create just the right stage for your shows, from babies to golden anniversaries and everything in between! For both Producer 5 and 6. For all your titling … Continue reading

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