ProShow Producer Suspended Frame Styles

I bet you’ll have just as much playing with Suspended frame styles as I did creating them. You have 5 frame shapes, each with 3 variations, and then 3 backgrounds along with the ability to change frame and background color. Oh, and you can mix and match. I won’t even try to calculate all the possibilities!

Suspended slide styles

When you arrive at the Genre section, click on the NEW button and then click “Suspended” at top left to get a better idea of the possibilities. If you don’t see it listed, click the Refresh button provided…or do it the old-fashioned way by clicking your browser’s refresh button.

Pricing for new products: Knowing exactly what I would have charged for them before the permanent sale, I’m showing that amount, crossing it out, and then applying 50% off.

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4 New Producer Style Sets…and more

The Genre section of The Frame Locker is sporting 4 brand-new sets of styles! Once you get there, click the “NEW” button.

Color Your Metal is filled with lots of variety that you can alter further with ease and playfulness:

Color Your Metal styles

Vignettes Bordered is one of those sets that you can use anywhere in any kind of slideshow:

Vignettes Bordered

Grunge fills the constant need for sophisticated and yet casual design, in this case with grungy photo frames–pen line, Polaroid transfer, and just plain sloppy–on a grungy background you can quickly change so its color matches your photo or mood. The set also includes 5 transitions you’ll enjoy using in all kinds of shows!


Satin Days has just two styles, one for the start of the show and one to continue the show. It’s great for any kind of formal occasion:

Satin Days

Oh, but that’s not all! A number of older products have been refreshed and modernized, so make sure to check if any of them are amongst those you purchased in the past.

And now back to staring out the window. We’re having what’s called a Nor’easter where there’s lots of white stuff falling from the sky. Time for a cozy bowl of soup.

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Lies, Truths, and Consequences

The Lie: The idea has been brewing for two years.

The Truth: I’ve been procrastinating for two years.

The Consequences: It took 7-days a week for a full month to create a new section on The Frame Locker. It required going through the mountain of products individually, giving each and every one a category, but I’m finally done except for minor tweaks. The result is a new section called Genre where you can find products to suit the theme or subject of a show. It wasn’t any fun to create, but I think it was worth the trouble.

Please visit Genre and to check it out.

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