The Frame Locker is NOT going out of business

Some of you have written to me expressing the belief that I was going out of business. It’s my fault for having not been clear enough in my initial post.

I’m not and have no plans of closing the doors. I’ve simply cut all The Frame Locker’s prices in half permanently.

Enjoy shopping at The Frame Locker!

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The Frame Locker is now good to go!

My software’s programmer got right on the job and found a tiny line of faulty code, fixed it, and now you can all enjoy 50% off every last one of The Frame Locker’s products. (And I can stop fretting.)

We’re good to go!

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Something has gone wrong with the product delivery system on The Frame Locker! Hold off ordering anything until I let you know it’s been fixed!

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How to Transform a Lack of ProShow Mojo

I was all set to close The Frame Locker’s doors forever, but how could I possibly take seven years of hard work and close to a thousand ProShow styles, transitions, etc. and throw it all into the dumpster?

Epiphany: Why not have a going-out-of-business sale, but make the sale permanent while not going out of business at all? I could throw out half of something without losing anything.

Ta-dah! Every last item on The Frame Locker is now permanently half price!

NOTE #1: If you find a price that hasn’t been reduced, let me know right away. It was a monumental task to edit every single product, and if it’s perfect, it’ll be a miracle.

NOTE #2: Please check before getting too enthusiastic, making sure you don’t already own what you’re about to buy. I don’t always catch duplicates immediately.

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You’ve Been Framed!

I temporarily lost my ProShow mojo, but designing for Zazzle can be frustrating. They don’t know what a mask is, but you and I do, right? Recently, one of my Zazzle design sets started
speaking… “Psst! Barbara? Wouldn’t I be really cool if a photo could be neatly placed inside me?”

And that’s how Art Nouveau Tulips frames came alive. It’s a group of 8 frames with styles for easy setup: Place your photo in a slide, apply a style, change colors if you wish, add a slide transition for motion, and that’s it. My vision is for wedding shows, but so what? Your vision is every bit as valid as mine. Oh, and they cost a whopping 3.50.

Art Nouveau Tulips

Next, I sat staring at textured images with circles cut into the center. What if…?

Like the tulip frames, Lens and Texture frame styles don’t incorporate motion, instead drawing from your choice of transition, but they make setup and color change easy. For just 3.00, you get 6 styles and all the images, including the 3 textured backgrounds (woven, knitted, and corduroy) to use however you like.

Lens & Texture

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No ProShow Mojo

Our ProShow mojo is looking a bit wan, and it seems a result of version 8, which was an enormous disappointment. Maybe it’s not just us. Photodex’s blog has been focusing almost exclusively on photography and running a business. I bet it’s because they’ve already covered all the tips and tricks for us ordinary folk. Have they lost a lot of their own mojo?

In the meantime, I’m in a holding pattern, keeping The Frame Locker open for business, diverting creative energy to my Colorwash Zazzle store, and waiting for Photodex to get back up to speed. I’ve faith they will.

I’m still here, and I know you are too, all of us sitting in the waiting room together.

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“Title Picks” for Producer 7

Looking at the short promo for guitar picks in my Zazzle store, I thought, “Hey, why not?” This led to Title Picks, a 9-style set for Producer 7 in which you can use any of the 24 supplied pick designs, your own designs, or instead, a photo. Start a show, end a show, and wake up your audience in the middle of a show with plucky little styles.

Title Picks

Here’s the source of the idea: Guitar Pick Promo, which will eventually land on the front page of Music Stuff, a non-ProShow section at The Locker. Feel free to snoop through my music designs created for Zazzle.

I may have slowed down because of back problems from sitting too long at the computer, but there’s no way I’ll stop. I love ProShow too much for that.

Enjoy your summer!

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Modern-day B&W for ProShow Producer

We may have brilliant color, but b&w continues to flourish because it doesn’t distract from the beauty of line and form. If you love monochrome, then you’ll love B&W Modern for ProShow Producer with its 13 slide styles! If you want color accents, they’re easily done, and if you want full color photos, that’s easy too.

B&W Modern

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

A special thank you to everyone who sent encouraging messages here and privately because of my (self-inflicted) case of sciatica. It’s much improved, though I’m still working at half-speed, which isn’t so bad. There’s more to life than sitting here at the computer.

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And the question has been…

A number of people have asked, “Where are you?!” and so I finally decided it was time to tell the rest of you: I’m here, but only off and on because, for a while, I got very intense with design work, sitting here for endless hours day after day. I should know better. There are a couple discs in my back that, for many years, have put up with such behavior for just so long before saying, “Enough!” I got my just deserts–sciatica.

Currently, I’ve a couple new products on hold and waiting for my ability to sit long enough to finish them. I promise you I’m behaving and will return, but until then, wander around The Frame Locker. It’s all still there even if I’m not.

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Traveling Bands for ProShow Producer

The ten Traveling Bands slide styles are simple to use, they’re dynamic, they add any color you choose, and they can be used in all kinds of shows. What more could you ask?

Traveling Bands

If you’re looking for more color, there’s a short list of links on the NEW page to other equally colorful products at The Frame Locker!

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Going Classic in ProShow Producer

Your photographs will stand out with Frame Classics, a new collection of 25 incredibly easy-to-use Producer slide styles that includes matted right up through abstract. Apply a style, change colors if you wish, and then add any transition of your choice. Done.

Here are 3 of the styles in which the color was changed to match an orange theme:

Frame Classics

If the photos were predominantly blue or pink or green, the frames could have been quickly made to match.

Other News: I had to take down all free music on The Frame Locker because, due to browser changes, less than a minute of each song could be previewed. However, if in watching a demo, you hear music you’d like to use, write to tell me which demo you were watching, and I’ll send you a download link to the music.

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Picture Yesterday in ProShow Producer

Picture Yesterday is like spending an evening wrapped in a cozy quilt and turning the pages of an extremely old photo album! Rediscover your pictures, both past and present, with 18 transformative styles and 10 page transitions for a bare minimum of 180 possibilities, bringing to the screen all the nostalgia you feel when seeing pictures of people, places, and things you love.

"Picture Yesterday" styles and transitions

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Little Bears and Tag-Along for ProShow Producer

Meet Little Bears, a set of 9 styles plus a transition that comes in 6 colors. It was created with children and pets in mind, but don’t let that stop your creative juices!

Little Bears


Though Tag-Along with its 11 slide styles and 34 tag designs can certainly be used throughout a show, it’s designed for captions and titling. Because the designs include holidays, seasons, and events, this is a set you’ll go back to repeatedly.


I suspect you won’t hear from me again until after Christmas, so I’ll say it now:

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Butterflies and Circles for ProShow Producer

The first day of autumn may have already passed, but summertime is still in our thoughts and doubtless our photographs, too. Butterfly Liftoff is the perfect style for the title slide of a show about the fun you had during the summer…

Butterfly Liftoff


A circle is a constant form for so many things–wheels, friends, life itself–and it’s also an eye-catching shape for photos. Enjoy Circular Thinking when you put together your next slide show…

Circular Thinking


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Back from Vacation

I took off most of August even though I was here the whole time. Instead of working, I was playing with my new super-duper all-in-one Ninja processor/blender. Delicious smoothies, refreshing sorbets, and truly horrid concoctions have been made.

Assuming you’re back from your own vacations, here’s a way to get started with all the photos you’ve collected over the summer:

Parts of a Whole includes 6 individual slide styles in which the photo enters the scene in 3, 4, 5, 6, or 9 parts. You can purchase just those you like, or you can go for all six for the price of five.

Parts of a Whole

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!



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Focusing on Producer Transitions

We’re always focused on slide styles, but it’s interesting how we can have two slides right next to each other sitting there staring back at us, but add a nice transition between them, and we have precisely what many slide styles do–go from this to that. So, in celebration of the simplicity of transitions, here are two new sets:

COLOR BARS is a set of 20 transitions for adding just the right tint when going from one slide to the next.

Color Bars

SPARKLING JEWEL transitions are for when the stars of your show deserve a bit of sparkle and shine. The transitions are a bit different from the usual in that they create the appearance of an entire slide sitting between two others. Included in the set is a single style for creating a title slide to match the transitions.

Sparkling Jewel

Don’t forget that if you’ve visited the new product page recently, you may have to refresh your browser to see what’s current. Unfortunately, the easy way to code for this is no longer available in web site design. Phooey on whoever decided to do that. 😦

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Polaroids and Stars for ProShow Producer

When paging through your photo albums, do you get a little tingle of nostalgia when seeing a Polaroid with its square photo, the colors perhaps a bit more intense than they actually were? Bring that same feeling into your slide shows with 4 slide styles and 12 backgrounds!



Honor the star of your show by using Starry Eyed, 7 Producer transitions that create periodic touches of glitter, gleam, and surprise.

Starry Eyed Transitions

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Who Doesn’t Love a Makeover?!

The newest remake at The Frame Locker is Happy Critters, which contains the familiar cartoon animals, but nothing else is the same. Instead of having to put things together on your own, there’s a whopping 32 slide styles to do it for you. Change the styles, change the critters, change the child for whom the slide show is created. Total fun for you and the wee ones!

Happy Critters slide styles

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Barred! New Producer Slide Styles

It’s summer, and you’re busy in the garden, going on vacation, chatting over the fence with neighbors, and all the other warm-weather activities, but on a rainy day, it’s nice to spend a few hours building a slide show. Quickly complete a show on that indoor kind of day with a bit of Barred magic.

Barred slide styles

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ProShow Producer Knows Love

Mix and match styles & transitions, adding your own extras with the included graphics to create a HEARTS & FLOWERS theme for an entire show. Perfect for anniversaries, Valentines, memories, and weddings, of course!

Hearts and Flowers

Any show can be UNVEILED with a single, utterly simple-to-use slide style that opens and closes “doors” made of translucent fabric and that includes being able to quickly change both fabric and color.

Unveiled slide style

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ProShow Producer FRAMED & SIGNED plus updated COUNTRY CASUAL

Framed & Signed is a set of 12 ProShow Producer slide styles that turn every photo, whether good or not so good, into something worth hanging wall. Color the frames, and sign your works of art with the included font or one of your own choosing.

Framed & Signed

Country Casual, a retro set with the aura of fabric crafts stitched by the fireside, has been updated with two slide styles to make the frames and designs much easier to use. If you already own this set, you’ll find a link to request the free update.

Country Casual update

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