Etchings on Vellum slide styles for ProShow Producer

Some of you are aware of the freebie slide style, Ink on Parchment Bkgrd, the result of a question on the ProShow Enthusiasts forum. Well, the idea of parchment made me think about vellum, the finest form of parchment, and this lead to visions of etchings on vellum.

After much testing and playing, we now have Etchings on Vellum, a collection of 11 slide styles plus 4 transitions for any kind of Producer 6 show. Here’s a tiny sample of just the etchings without the framed photos that are part of the styles:

Etchings on Vellum

For those who love paper as much as I and can spend hours in stationery stores, you’ll find a list of suggestions for special papers. There are even transitions that you may have missed in the past.

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MY BIG FAT TITLE ProShow Producer Styles

Go big. Go bold. Go FAT. Just a few words is all you need for an effective title!

My Big Fat Title ProShow Producer slide styles (6 of them) with a choice of 14 fill patterns plus the ability to make your own patterns will help start your shows with high impact.

For Producer 6 and any new version that (hopefully) shows up soon.

Big Fat Title Producer slide styles

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Two Freebie ProShow Producer Slide Styles

While developing a new product, I stopped to play for a while, and came up with a slide style that turns a photo into a lovely, soft background to use anywhere. Not quite ready to go back to work, I set up a second style that includes the actual photo. It didn’t take long to do, and it won’t take long for you download.

Go to the NEW page, click on the freebie listed at top left, and you’ll see a couple illustrations of the slide styles along with the download button.

Now it’s your turn to take a play break.

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“Cracking Up” with ProShow Producer Styles

If you’re looking forward to Easter or contemplating a lighthearted show, “Cracking Up” may be all you need. Bird photos were used in the demo because they poke their way out of
eggs (and because I have lots of bird pictures), but if you consider how an egg symbolizes babyhood, springtime, new growth, feathered friends, hatched plans, and laughter (as in
cracking up), inspiration may strike. Included are 5 slide styles and 10 patterns that you can color, though you can easily make your own patterns, too.

NEW slide styles: Cracking Up

COLORwash update: Remember when a Cracker Jacks prize might be a temporary tattoo called a “decal”? Well, these decals have stood the test of time, growing bigger and better. When Zazzle added temporary tattoos to their product list, I jumped right on it out of nostalgia and a sense of fun. The best place to see this fun is on Pinterest. Just open my tattoo board in the top row and enjoy a trip back to childhood.

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New! Leaf Medallion 14 ProShow Producer Slide Styles

First, I have to explain myself concerning the demo for Leaf Medallion. Looking through my collection of photos to use in the demo, I sat here sighing with boredom. I’m really tired of all my pictures. And then temptation struck. I do a lot of cartooning, so why not… Well, you’ll see when you watch the demo that I’m not above temptation. :)

It’s a set that, regardless of how fancy it might seem, is suitable for quiet, elegant shows. With its shiny metal and the ability to change all colors, it’s a perfect fit for anything celebratory. Christmas shows are coming soon, and in June, there might be a wedding, or perhaps a graduate. Birthdays, anniversaries, and anything else worth celebrating are also prime candidates.

Leaf Medallion

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Pinwheel and Snowflake Slide Styles for ProShow Producer

Happy shows beg for happy beginnings and endings, which is why the Pinwheel 2-Liner Title slide style was created, but it can be for more than starting and finishing because it also works perfectly for introducing sections in longer shows. Choose any colors you want for text, background, and even the little button in the center of the pinwheel. The pinwheel graphic file is included separately in case you want to use it without the style. (Producer 6)

Pinwheel 2-Liner Title

Build an entire wintertime slide show with Silver Snowflake‘s 14 ProShow Producer (v. 6) slide styles. Included are 8 decorative designs to pop in and out of the snowflake plus a pattern to help you create decorations that fit perfectly inside the silver snowflake and are uniquely your own. Use the styles throughout a show, or sprinkle them here and there inside many shows.

Silver Snowflake Styles


Thinking about those Christmas shows?

Beneath the brand new and recent additions, you’ll see a complete and handy list of all The Frame Locker’s Christmas styles, frames, and transitions. Just not quite ready for holiday thoughts? Bookmark the page because the list will be maintained through January.

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Returning to ProShow with 2 New Slide Styles

I meant to be gone for only a few months while focusing on stocking the shelves at my COLORwash Zazzle store, but obsession took over, and suddenly I realized there were well over a thousand products and no brand-new ProShow products whatsoever. I came sailing back to my first love, and here’s the proof:

If Spinners affects you as it does me because of the way it’s different with every photo, you’ll waste a whole bunch of time trying photo after photo, but you’ll eventually settle down and get on with the show…

Spinners slide styles

Backdrop Exhibit isn’t meant to send photos winging all over the place. Instead, it’s a collection of Producer slide styles you can go back to again and again for displaying what’s most important to you: your photos…

Backdrop Exhibit

Check them both out. They’re at the top of the list in the NEW section of The Frame Locker. While you’re there, be sure to also check out the list at the bottom where I found things at The Locker even I’d forgotten about.

I promise to spend less time being a Zazzle maniac.

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ProShow Jiffy Frame Styles

Summer is when you’re out and about, not building shows, but taking photos for when the weather turns cool, which is when you starting thinking about shows. My mind hasn’t been on shows either, as you’ve likely noticed, but here’s a style set created when it was too hot and muggy to go out.

Jiffy Frames 1

Jiffy Frames 2

Jiffy Frames are aptly named. Drop in a photo, apply any of 22 styles, fiddle with color and position–if you feel like it–add some transitions, and that’s it.

So, if it’s raining or it’s simply too hot, and you feel like building a show, this set can help you pass the time while you’re waiting for better weather.

Also, if you need to shop for someone’s birthday or whatever, or if you just feel like shopping, I’ve set up COLORwash web pages that reflect everything in the Zazzle store. Why? Because I was so frustrated by the lack of true organizational tools at Zazzle. It was driving me nuts, so I created my own version, gosh darn it. Even if you don’t feel like shopping, visit my little store to make me feel good. :)

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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Riveted for ProShow Producer

Six weeks ago, I was about to post Riveted when, as you all know, things went swiftly downhill, but life is (finally!) back to being good.

The two simple-to-use styles in Riveted will work in Producer 4, 5, and 6, and because the colors are fully customizable, you’ll be able to complement both photos and theme. These are definitely styles you’ll be using again and again!


Be sure to also check out the list of ideas for summer on The Frame Locker’s “New” page. After all, you’ve been taking lots of photos, right?

In need of a unique gift for someone special? Visit my COLORwash store!


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Why I’ve been missing, plus a warning

At first I was on hiatus from The Frame Locker to build my Zazzle COLORwash store, but about four weeks ago I zealously weeded my overgrown garden. This is warning to anyone who lives where ticks live: Do NOT weed the garden unless you’re fully protected and unless you plan on immediately going into the shower for a good scrub-down. I didn’t do that and I should have known better. Result? A tick-borne disease that’s gaining ground slowly but surely in the northeastern U.S. and that will probably spread the same as Lyme Disease. What I got was anaplasmosis, which showed up a week after weeding. It’s been three weeks of awful misery, and there’s still another month of recuperation to go.

I’m having my husband plow up the garden and plant grass. Fresh fruits and vegetables from the supermarket are good enough. Besides, the chipmunks and squirrels ate all my strawberries.

Stay away from tall grass and weeds!

(Back to bed.)


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Renewing with ProShow Styles

Last week, a customer asked for help with “Vignetting Frames,” and I realized it would be so much easier for her if she could use setup slide styles. I ended up overhauling the set for her, but I was on a roll, and so I did the same for “Daisies” (backgrounds, frames) and for “Chroma Picnic” (backgrounds, frames, decorations).

Already own these products? On the display pages are links to request free updates.

Life is so much easier with slide styles!

Chroma Picnic


Vignetting Frames

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Partying at The Locker & Zazzle

There’s been a temporary slowdown while building the COLORwash store at Zazzle, but it’s long past time I paid attention to The Locker. Here’s a small set of styles designed specifically to create a party atmosphere. Party Time:

Party Time Styles


As for the Zazzle COLORwash store, so many new products have been added that even the COLORwash Blog dedicated to it can’t keep up. Besides, you’d hate me if there were daily posts. Here are a mere 2 of the now nearly 400 items:

Floraline Pillow

Floraline Pillow

And the matching Floraline Coat Rack

Floraline Coat Rack

If, besides the need for ProShow special effects, you also need a great source for gifts, cards, decor, and way beyond, go to the COLORwash Blog and press the Subscribe button to be kept (somewhat) up to date. I say “somewhat” because I refuse to inundate you with email.

And now back to juggling The Frame Locker and COLORwash, which indicates a certain level of compulsive behavior. :)

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What Do You Need?

The Frame Locker is now in the physical world with COLORwash, a new store at Zazzle! Both recognizable and brand-new designs, and more coming all the time: baby bibs, t-shirts, wedding invitations, business cards, skateboards, men’s ties, bath accessories, and so much more. Many Zazzle products are from known companies such as Hanes and Avery, so don’t be concerned about quality.

Need designs for the digital world of slide shows? The Frame Locker is where to go.

Need a special gift or a bit of self-indulgence? COLORwash is just the ticket.

It’s where you’ll find, for instance, this denim wallet…

Antique Rose Wallet

or this tea set…

Flower Mouse Tea Set


Wander the departments, going back to the store front by clicking “Browse this Store” on the left side of the screen.

Also, visit the COLORwash blog:

COLORwash Blog

It’s where new products are described and where you’ll see tips, how-to’s, ideas, and links. Receive periodic (not constant!) email announcements to be kept in the loop.

A few times, I thought I’d lost my mind. Running one store–The Frame Locker–is a full-time job, so what on earth was I thinking?! But I knew the answer: Digital art is here today and gone tomorrow; physical art can last down through generations.

A very special thank you goes to my friend, Anna, who convinced me to join her at Zazzle. Check out her store! Bizeeboy

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On the Beach with ProShow Producer

Even if you aren’t planning a vacation at the beach, chances are your photo album has more than enough shoreline pictures to fill several shows. Make those memories come back alive with On the Beach for an entire show or any part of a show.

On the Beach

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A very old freebie renewed

When I overhauled my web site, things got lost in the shuffle, and one of those things was the very popular free set of revised Page Peels. I discovered them this morning while wandering through my hard drive and thought, “Well, aren’t you a bunch of cuties, and why aren’t you up on the site sharing yourselves?”

A number of you may already have this set of 87 transitions, but I’ll bet even more of you don’t. Enjoy them!

Page Peels

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ProShow Journeys Past & Present

The huge maple tree outside my window is a study in black and white–mostly white, given that we’re having a snowstorm. What an odd time to be introducing Road Trip, but one can dream, can’t one? This is a do-it-all set of styles, images, template, and even the music if you happen to need it. Tell the story of your wanderings!

Road Trip

Some journeys aren’t from here to there but are, instead, journeys we take through time. Now & Then has been added to the collection of Audible Styles for just that sort of journey.

Now & Then

If February seems perfect for journeys in time, you’ll find a few more Time Travel Ideas immediately beneath the new products, so heat up a cup of broth accompanied by crusty bread, and go wandering while remaining toasty warm.

(A foot of snow is predicted, and a cup of broth sounds wonderful.)

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Vellum Valentine transformed into slide styles

Back when “Vellum Valentine” was created, slide styles weren’t even a twinkle in Photodex’s eye, so you might say the design set was a tad overdue for being brought into the modern era. Now, instead of everything having to be done manually, 12 beautiful (and easy!) slide styles will do it all for you. Perfect, not only for February 14, but also for weddings, anniversaries, babies, and everything else to do with love.

Visit the New products page to see what VELLUM VALENTINE can do for you!

(If you already own it, you’ll find a link to contact me for a free update.)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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“Heart of Mine” newly revised in time for Feb. 14

The Heart of Mine kit has been at The Frame Locker long enough that it was born before slide styles. Looking at it some days ago, I thought it could use a few easy setup styles, and we all know how such things go: I created the slide styles, and then I thought how much better the set would be if I did this, and what about that, and… Yes, I ended up revising everything.

If you purchased this set previous to today, you’ll find a link on the display page to contact me for the updated version.

Heart of Mine

NOTE: When I checked to see if  everything had been properly uploaded to the web site, I found I had to refresh the browser for both the product list on the left and for the “Heart of Mine” display. Just to be sure, you might want to do this too. I can’t seem to get Firefox to stop saving ancient stuff!

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“Motif” slide styles & “Edged in Lace” for titles

With a combination of 16 slide styles and 13 Motif designs, you’ll can create just the right stage for your shows, from babies to golden anniversaries and everything in between! For both Producer 5 and 6.

Motif styles & graphics

For all your titling needs, those Audible Styles just keep coming! This time it’s Edged in Lace, a great way to create title slides. For Producer 4 and up.

Edged in Lace - Audible Style

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New Year, New Producer, New Shows!

Our fondest wish has been to use captions the same as we can any other layer, and finally, our wish has come true. So, what better day than the first day of a new year to introduce a new product for a new version?

Flower Express (Producer 6 only) was so named because you can create shows almost instantly with the included template and music, you can use the template for a quick start to a show of your own design, or you can build a show from scratch with the 12 slide styles. Have it your way!

Flower Express

Audible Styles is an ever-growing collection, The Gallery (Producer 5 & up) being its newest member. It’s an eye-catching, unique slide style for intros, outros, and in-betweens.

The Gallery

Don’t forget: The sale on Christmas designs will be gone tomorrow.

Wishing all of you an outstanding New Year filled with the best of everything, including the best slide shows ever.

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