Please clear your browser

Don’t be fooled if you go to The Frame Locker and it seems to still be up and running. What you’re seeing are pages on your hard drive that your browser saved. I just tested it for myself, knowing it’s been a number of days since I deleted my own history, and sure enough, pages were brought up from my own hard drive. Clear your history, ladies and gents! 🙂

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Last Call!

First thing Monday morning (10/2/17) I’ll be wiping out The Frame Locker, so if you’ve been putting off checking to make sure you have everything you want, now is the time to do it. (The ProShowThink blog will remain for quite a while yet.)

This news blog will stay for a while so, when it’s ready, I can give you the link to my new blog. It’s about labels, which I’ve always loved, and there will be information about designing, making, and finding them, along with whatever else strikes my fancy. I just bought my own little label maker, a Xyron Creative Station Lite, and I’m having a blast with it. If you have one, you know what I mean.

Don’t forget to visit me now and then at my Colorwash store on Zazzle!

In the meantime, I always have and always will enjoy hearing from you.

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A reminder that The Frame Locker is closing

There are just two weeks left. Monday morning, Oct. 12, I’ll be emptying The Frame Locker of all its pages and products, leaving up just the home page with a message that the store is closed. There isn’t much time left before it’ll all be gone!

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Bringing Back the Joy

Turning my beloved ProShow into a business slowly stole away the joy I’ve always found in the software, and then because demos required music, it also stole the joy of composing. Why? Because when love becomes a job, it isn’t as much fun.

Last week I turned 72 and realized I’d finally had enough. I want to get back the joy, which means closing The Frame Locker’s doors, but they’ll remain open through September 30th to give you time to get anything you’ve been considering.

If in the future you need product support, my contact email is always in the product instructions. If by chance the address was inadvertently left out, you can comment here–this blog will remain open just in case I have any ProShow news.

I imagine all of you understand, particularly you oldsters.

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