ProShow Producer Suspended Frame Styles

I bet you’ll have just as much playing with Suspended frame styles as I did creating them. You have 5 frame shapes, each with 3 variations, and then 3 backgrounds along with the ability to change frame and background color. Oh, and you can mix and match. I won’t even try to calculate all the possibilities!

Suspended slide styles

When you arrive at the Genre section, click on the NEW button and then click “Suspended” at top left to get a better idea of the possibilities. If you don’t see it listed, click the Refresh button provided…or do it the old-fashioned way by clicking your browser’s refresh button.

Pricing for new products: Knowing exactly what I would have charged for them before the permanent sale, I’m showing that amount, crossing it out, and then applying 50% off.


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4 Responses to ProShow Producer Suspended Frame Styles

  1. Des Thomas says:

    You don’t waste time do you – wish I had your workflow!! Pleased you were able to make use of the photos. Suppose it’s too late to suggest that a landscape ellipse would be a useful addition – or perhaps it would be reasonably simple to turn the portrait one thro ’90 degrees.

    • Des, you supplied those photos in the nick of time! I was totally out of pictures to use in demos. As for the ellipse, I’m sure it could be turned 90 degrees, and if at some point you need to do this and you get in a tangle, just let me know.

  2. Betty says:

    What an elegant style. So many options! Thank you Barbara!

    • Betty, glad you’re looking forward to using it!

      One tiny thing: For some reason, the download email sent to you is being bounced back at me. It could be something to do with Yahoo, or from what I see, it may have to do with your having perhaps two email addresses. Not sure which it is or if it’s something I’m not thinking of.

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