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A reminder that The Frame Locker is closing

There are just two weeks left. Monday morning, Oct. 12, I’ll be emptying The Frame Locker of all its pages and products, leaving up just the home page with a message that the store is closed. There isn’t much time … Continue reading

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Fired in the Producer Kiln – Ceramics Slide Styles

Once upon time, I was a potter who loved the feel and look of clay. Thinking about this recently, I wondered if it was possible to reproduce some of the special glaze effects. I set to work on it, and … Continue reading

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Woodland for Producer plus Revised Wishing Well

I love old stuff–old metal, old paper, old wood, and an old, comfortable chair. In that spirit, Woodland slide styles were created with a handmade frame made of old, weathered wood. These five simple-to-use styles will work beautifully with nature … Continue reading

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ProShow Producer Suspended Frame Styles

I bet you’ll have just as much playing with Suspended frame styles as I did creating them. You have 5 frame shapes, each with 3 variations, and then 3 backgrounds along with the ability to change frame and background color. … Continue reading

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4 New Producer Style Sets…and more

The Genre section of The Frame Locker is sporting 4 brand-new sets of styles! Once you get there, click the “NEW” button. Color Your Metal is filled with lots of variety that you can alter further with ease and playfulness: … Continue reading

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Lies, Truths, and Consequences

The Lie: The idea has been brewing for two years. The Truth: I’ve been procrastinating for two years. The Consequences: It took 7-days a week for a full month to create a new section on The Frame Locker. It required … Continue reading

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